30 Day Plank Challenge

The challenge is here.

Instructions on how to plank properly are here.

Now here we go:

Day 1: Plank baseline number: 1 min. Thank you running group trainer for that.

Day 2: Plank hold for 3×30 sec. Challenging.

Day 3: Rest day – actually did a 1 min plank, see day 1 for why 🙂

Day 4: Plank 4×30 sec. The last two were actually easier than the first two. Huh.

Day 5: Side plank, 3×30 sec per side. This one was TOUGH! I don’t like side planks.

Day 6: Rest day – the best day 🙂

Day 7: Test: 1:05 min. I could have probably stretched it a bit more.

Day 8: Plank hold for 5×35 sec, with up to 45 sec rest between repeats.

Day 9: Side plank, 35 sec on each side for the first rep, and then 15 sec on each side for the other three reps. My arm is significantly weaker than my right arm, so I had to go for the minimum time requirements for the last reps, but at least I got them done.

Day 10: Did two core crushing NTC workouts, so counted this as a rest day, switching Day 10 and Day 11.

Day 11: Plank hold for 6×40 sec. Boy this one required will force, especially on the last rep.