This evening…

… I didn’t feel like going for my scheduled 5k because it was hot, and I spent most of the day on my feet at a friend’s wedding, so I was tired and pretty sore. But I dragged my ass to the gym, put in my 5k (I hate treadmill runs), and was rewarded with this view on my way back:

There’s never a run that’s not worth it.

This evening…

The State of Affairs

  • I’ve been running 25k per week for a few weeks now, with a 10k long run included.
  • I’ve started doing daily push-ups for the past week (30 per day). I still need to get back to doing strength exercises.
  • I’ve been reading a lot more and writing a lot more. After a bit of a slump, I decided to give the Streaks app a chance. It’s been helping keeping me on track so far.
  • My second draft has been going in some ways better than expected, in others worse. I hated rewriting my university papers, and I thought that rewriting a 120K word novel would be a pain, but for some reason it isn’t a hassle at all. The first four chapters were simple fixes, but I hit a giant plot hole that I hadn’t noticed once I reached chapter 5. I trashed chapter 5 and chapter 6 completely, writing them from scratch (on the bright side they’re much shorter and better now), and it looks like chapter 7 is going to have to undergo the same treatment. Writing a novel is a process, and I’ve learned a few things about writing since I started, which means that scenes that I wrote almost two years (!) ago just don’t work right now. At least I’m enjoying the process so far, though it is a rather lonely one.
  • Gratuitous photo of a gorgeous Tel Aviv summer sunset from yesterday’s 7k:

    The State of Affairs

    This Week’s Long Run

    Started early today, and once again was rewarded by pretty magnificent sights.

    The geese were out in force, entirely fearless, grazing wherever they pleased.

    Isn’t that view magnificent?

    A man fed a group of stray cats and night herons before sitting down to fish. The cats had the good sense to keep a wary distance from these well-armed birds.

    A night heron between the rushes.

    A total of 10k run today, 5k run yesterday and 25k run this week. Not bad at all.

    This Week’s Long Run

    This Week’s Long Run

    Woke up at 5AM to go out for a 10k run, leaving at 5:30, while it was still cool and dark.

    First light over a bridge and river, with rushes and a grass bank in the foreground

    The sun starting to rise, 3k into the run, lighting up the water in pink and gold. My legs were tired from yesterday’s 5k, but the view made this run worth while.

    Sun rising in the distance, over a river and Daniel Rowing Center
    That is just breathtaking.

    The park was very peaceful in the morning, and a friendly walker admired the sunrise with me, cheering me on.

    Sun rising behind palm trees and a running paths. Walkers and runners on a path in the park, with sunrise over palms in the backgroundSun peering among the trees, with a river and walking path in the foreground
    Sunrise peering over the trees — my phone camera is doing it no justice.

    I love that the little heron is waiting for the fishermen to fail.

    White herons fishing in the sea
    Little herons fishing for themselves for a change.

    That’s 10K done, most of it before sunrise. I ran 25k this week, the most ever — super proud of myself, and totally worth the early Saturday wake up. 

    This Week’s Long Run

    This Week’s Long Run

    Started out extra early (before 6AM), since it was going to be a super hot day.

    Sunrise over Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

    The sun had just come up, the promenade was practically deserted (early morning on a Saturday will do that for you), and the air was relatively cool, though still humid.

    Waterfowl on the Yarkon River Bank
    I wasn’t the only one enjoying the early morning breeze — these little guys were taking cover from the sun by the time I ran back.

    Sun rising over the Yarkon River, Colouring it in gold
    The sun made everything seem gloriously golden… A breathtaking sight.

    You can just make out the Night Heron looking out at the ducks. He was still there when I ran back.

    Ducks having fun in the sun, around the 3K mark.

    Making my way back, around the 7K mark. The park had come to life, and the sun was starting to blaze away.

    Night Heron still there, standing like a watchman, keeping an eye on the river.

    Last view of the river and the birds, before the final stretch home.

    10K run, and well worth setting the alarm for. 

    This Week’s Long Run