#urbansketchers Swing and Draw #oneweek100people2018 Day 6

Urban Sketchers Tel Aviv met up outside Beit Chana, a local community centre, for a special Swing and Draw event. Around 20 dancers danced to Swing music out of old records played on two turntables while around 30 of us Urban Sketchers drew them. It was a lovely event and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (I managed to reach my one week 100 people challenge goal during the two and a half hours I was there). I had to leave early due to family obligations but I was so glad that I participated anyway.

Things took a while to get going so I drew some fellow Urban Sketchers as I waited:

Warmup dancing:

Used the Sanford no-blot for the first time here:

Then moved to an 0.3 Staedler pigment liner and a fine Kuretake brush pen:

A lot more couples had joined in at this point and they were moving fast.

I turned to quick gesture drawing to get the most out of the event. Moved to a Faber-Castell blue brush pen for a bit of a change:

Finally broke out a Faber-Castell purple coloured pencil for the last few gestures:

Here’s a little video of the super talented dancers to give you a bit of a sense of things:

All in all a fun event and great drawing opportunity.

#urbansketchers Swing and Draw #oneweek100people2018 Day 6

#oneweek100people2018 Day 2

Today, day 2 of the one week 100 people challenge, I went out to Jaffa’s flea market and Ben Gurion Blvd to capture as many people as I could in as little time. I’m starting to get a bit more comfortable drawing these quick sketches, though I’m still not comfortable staring at people directly as I draw them, which makes life a bit difficult. I’m up to 48 people (though there are two sketches here that I don’t plan on counting if I can), which is good, though I have less sketching time tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes.

#oneweek100people2018 Day 2