This week’s long run

This week’s long run was only 7k (easing into it), but fun and scenic nonetheless. My legs were sore when I set out and it would have been so easy to skip this run, but I told myself that I’d at least give it a try, and if it didn’t work out, I’d just cut my run short. This is a pretty useful trick to get yourself out the door, as once you’ve started running your inclination is not to stop.

I mixed up the route this time, going further north up Tel Aviv’s promenade instead of turning into the park. I still prefer the park because of its wildlife and relatively deserted footpaths, but it was nice to try something new for a change.

The weather was crazy, starting out grey and windy, then the sun came out and blazed on us (still windy though), only for it to start pouring rain outside the moment I finished my run.

Tel Aviv is gorgeous at this time of year, and there’s nothing better than exploring it with your feet.

This week’s long run

This week’s long run, waterfowl edition

This week’s long run was my first after another bout of sickness. Ran just 6k and had a bit of a tough time with it, since I’m still coughing and I had to stop a few times to catch my breath.

That did allow me to take a few photos of a pied kingfisher fishing, and some little egrets chasing each other on the shore:

As usual, the only run that you’ll regret is the one that you didn’t take.

This week’s long run, waterfowl edition

This Week’s Long Run

It was relatively breezy and it drizzled during most of today’s long run, but that just made for a refreshingly interesting run.

Check out these waves. There was a surfing competition going on, which was befitting these 3.5 meter waves.

Things were calmer in the park:

A very nice 8k run. I’m easing myself back to longer distances, and as I got pretty tired near the end, I’ll stick to my original plan and run another 8k next weekend before pushing up to 9 and 10k.

I tried one of the NTC app’s new post run workouts, and it was very nice, and brought me up to 100 workouts completed as an added little bonus.


This Week’s Long Run